Internet Business in the Economic Crisis Situation

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internet businessThe consumer purchase is increasingly on the Internet. The comfort, globalization and the economic crisis are the main factors that have led to an increase in purchases by this way.

The products more defendants belong to the sectors travel and leisure, followed by clothing, accessories and any of cosmetics.

This is related to the advantages of trading on the Internet. These benefits may be due to the different advantages operate with a trade online as the costs are reduced to physical shop, flexible hours, the sale of products 365 days of the year and in any part of the world are some of them.

In addition, another point in favor is that are becoming more customers foreigners visiting and carry out their online purchases on the world web, as has revealed a study published by the Commission of Telecommunications Market. The transactions from the European Union accounted for most of the volume of business (73.4), followed by the United States (12.7%) and reaching Latin America in third place.

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